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Classroom Collage - a viwe inside T & C Decorative Painting's Classroom

A view inside T & C Decorative Painting's Classroom.

First 3-Day Metallic Plaster Classs Finishing Up Bellezza
First 3-Day Metallic Plaster Class Finishing Up Bellezza
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Click on these thumbnails to view a larger picture of students in T & C's classroom.

You may also enroll via our printable (pdf) registration form.
This requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

All classes are to be paid in full 2 weeks prior to class!
No refunds on class deposits 2 weeks prior to class start date! This allows time for class orders and preparation.

"Symphony of Metallics" ... A Silver Lining
Metallic Plasters Mega Portfolio -
4 - day class

4-Day Metallic Plaster Finish 1 3-Day Metallic Plaster Class Finish Metallics 3
Click on the images above to view larger ones.

The Metallic Plasters Mega Portfolio is an intense curriculum using the new Modern Masters Metallic Plasters. Learn high production techniques that are sellable in today’s economy as well as new and unique techniques that are created to meet the demands of today’s design styles and trends. This diversified portfolio is designed to give you a large arrangement of colors and finishes that will favorably catch the eyes of designers and customers looking for modern in vogue finishes. You will also learn how the Platinum Series Metallic Plaster has several rewarding benefits both decoratively and financially.

Schedule pending.

Cost: $1097 with a deposit of $550

Portfolio Builder & Product Update
Intense 3 Day Class

(This class includes Modern Masters shimmerstone,
Venetian Plaster, texture effects, and skimstone.

Price: $697 with deposit of $350

Monday, May, 5th thru Wednesday May 7th. 9am to 5pm.

No prerequisite

This class is designed for the decorative painters to learn new products,
create new, updated sample boards and, new finishes, and new
professional products that are now available to the trained finisher.
To remain a successful faux painting professional, one must continually
add to their knowledge of both the artistic and business sides of this field.
And to ensure our students remain on the cutting edge, T&C Decorative
Painting now offers our Portfolio Builder & Product Update faux painting classes.

This class is also designed for the homeowner who loves to do their own work.
With all hands on instruction, you will leave inspired and ready to give your home
a whole new look and save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself.
This class will include over 20 finishes. We move quickly and accomplish as much as possible.

Back to the Basics

Back To The Basics diamond pattern

Click on the image above to view a larger one.

This class will be several great do-it-yourself glazing techniques that
every home owner can do. They can be applied to walls and furniture as well.
We will cover glazes, basecoats, topcoats, how to tint and cabinet doors.
This will be a great class for the homeowner that wants to refurnish old furniture and walls
and create a custom designer look without the expense of hiring a professional.
All instruction is hands-on and each student will complete their own samples.

As always, class space is limited. No prerequisite required.

Saturday, November 1, 2014 - 8an to 4pm.

Cost: $199

Metallic Plaster - 1 Day

Metallic Plaster Finish 1
Click on the images above to view larger ones.

This one day class is great for everyone. For the professional that would like
to start a portfolio of 8 great production finishes, for the homeowner that loves to
do their own work, for the curious that are interested in Metallic Plaster and are
not sure about taking the 3-day class. This is a great peak into the 3 day Mega Portfolio.
For the students that take this one day class and would like to go on and learn more,
you will be offered a credit towards you 3-day class anytime in the future.

Saturday, November 8, 2014, 8am to 4pm.

Price: $199

Modern Masters Seminar

Cost: $25 - will be refunded in store credit after attending

Schedule pending

Great for the do-it-yourselfer that wants to finish their own home.
Also, great for the curious that are thinking about taking more advanced classes,
but would like to see more. I will be demonstrating the shimmerstone,
venetial plaster, texture effects, metal effects and stenciling.

Stenciling Class

Cost: $49 each for 2 - 4 students, $39 each for 5 - 10

Learn to stencil. Shading, glazes, all-over stenciling, embossing
and layered stencils. This a hands on class for the homeowner to
learn to decorate their own home with the beauty of stencils.
Wallpaper won't even be an option once you have learned!
Class can run a bit over. Some students love to take their time and play
with the paints.

"Shizen" 3-day Intense Preferred Applicator course

Cost: $997 Deposit: $450

Schedule Pending

Prerequisite: Portfolio Builder and Product update

The Japanese word "Shizen" means natural beauty!
Click on the image
above to view a larger one

Shizen is a unique line of Echo friendly painting products imported from
Japan. With these products you will learn to create environmentally
friendly decorative finishes in varying degrees of green!
This intense class is a 5 day course taught in 3 days! After successfully
completing it, you will receive preferred applicator status on the MM
website. This product is only available thru "Certified Platinum Training
Centers" after completion of this course.

This course is intense. Be prepared for class to run late.

Bellezza - 4 Day Intense "Preferred Applicator Course"

(Bellezza is an Italian word that means natural beauty)

Prerequisite: Portfolio Builder and Product Update

Special: Due to economic conditions, the class will now cost $997,
until further notice - down from $1297.

You will now get the KSK private reserve day for "FREE".
Room using Belleza Belleza photo 3
  Click on the image
above to view a larger one

Deposit: $450

Intense Italian Lime Plaster with KSK private reserve finishes.
Bellezza is a unique line of products imported from Italy. The Bellezza series is made of specialty primer/basecoats, plasters of different size aggregate, lime paints, wax and colorants. This is a series of low to no VOC (volatile organic compounds) products.
The Bellezza line of textures is only available to the trained proffessional applicator thru a certified platinum training centers. These "Amazing" eco-friendly finishes will allow designers, architects and homeowners to dramatically increase the value and beauty of thier homes and businesses. After completion of this class, you will receive preferred applicator status on the Modern Masters website.

This class is intense. Be prepared to stay late.



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